How to control heat treatment deformation during the manufacturing process of Stainless Steel Precision Hardware Gear?

Publish Time: 2024-05-11
In the manufacturing process of Stainless Steel Precision Hardware Gear, heat treatment is a crucial link. It not only affects the hardness and wear resistance of the gear, but is also directly related to the deformation control of the gear. Here are some ways to control heat treatment distortion:
First of all, reasonable design of the structure of the gear is key. The shape of the gear should be as simple and uniform as possible, and the structure should be symmetrical to avoid sudden changes in cross-sectional dimensions to reduce deformation caused by stress concentration. At the same time, the grooves and thin edges of the gear should be minimized and deep closed holes should be avoided to reduce the tendency of deformation and cracking caused by uneven cooling.
Secondly, the control of heat treatment temperature is crucial to reduce deformation. Under the condition that the heat treatment process requirements are met, the quenching heating temperature should be reduced as much as possible and the holding time should be shortened. This can reduce the high-temperature strength loss of the parts and enhance the plastic resistance, thus improving the comprehensive ability of the parts to resist stress deformation and quenching deformation.
In addition, selecting the appropriate quenching cooling medium is also an important means to control deformation. A gentler quenching cooling medium can reduce the temperature gradient and stress concentration of the gear during the cooling process, thereby reducing the risk of deformation. At the same time, the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace also needs to be strictly controlled. The workpiece can be heated and cooled evenly by using station devices and other methods to avoid deformation caused by local temperatures that are too high or too low.
In the production process, reasonable production route arrangement and heat treatment process are also the keys to controlling deformation. For gears with complex shapes and high precision requirements, pre-processing should be performed between roughing and finishing, such as stress relief, annealing, etc., to improve the structure and performance of the material and reduce the risk of deformation. At the same time, reasonable heat treatment processes and operating specifications should be formulated to ensure that every step of the operation meets the process requirements and can also effectively reduce deformation.
Finally, appropriate correction methods can be used to deal with deformed gears. During the correction process, attention should be paid to controlling the correction force and speed to avoid secondary damage to the gear.
To sum up, controlling the heat treatment deformation of Stainless Steel Precision Hardware Gear requires many aspects, including rational design of gear structure, control of heat treatment temperature and time, selection of appropriate quenching cooling medium, maintenance of temperature uniformity in the furnace, and reasonable arrangement of production. Route and heat treatment process and the use of appropriate correction methods, etc. The comprehensive application of these measures can effectively reduce the risk of gear deformation and improve the quality and performance of the gear.

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