What are the special monitoring methods for Powder Injection Molding Medical Parts in terms of quality control in the medical industry?

Publish Time: 2024-03-04
In the medical industry, Powder Injection Molding Medical Parts is a common pharmaceutical production method, and its quality control needs are very important. For Powder Injection Molding Medical Parts, special monitoring methods include but are not limited to the following aspects:
Molding quality monitoring: Quality monitoring of Powder Injection Molding Medical Parts requires real-time monitoring of pressure, temperature, humidity and other parameters during the molding process to ensure that the molding process is stable and accurate.
Dimensional measurement of molded products: Monitoring means need to measure the dimensions of molded products to ensure that the products meet design requirements and achieve accurate drug dosage.
Texture inspection of molded products: Conduct texture inspection on molded products to ensure smooth surface, no cracks and uniform sealing, and to ensure the quality of prepared pharmaceutical injections.
Raw material testing: including testing the particle size, moisture content, composition, etc. of powder raw materials to ensure that the quality of raw materials meets pharmaceutical requirements, and fundamentally ensures the quality of powder injection molding products.
Finished product testing: Conduct finished product testing on formed drugs to detect their solubility, stability, cleanliness and other indicators to ensure product quality and safety.
Data monitoring and recording: Establish systematic and standardized monitoring methods to monitor and record data throughout the production process to facilitate traceability, analysis and improvement.
These special monitoring methods are designed to ensure the product quality and safety of Powder Injection Molding Medical Parts in the medical industry and avoid risks such as inaccurate drug dosage or unstable product quality due to preparation process problems.

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